Duckstein Pilsner
Duckstein Pilsner Glass

  Pilsner's are without a doubt one of the finest drinks in the world. Our Duckstein Pils uses a secret German Recipe to achieve a crisp, clean beer that refreshes the palate.

The recipe includes only the finest of ingredients, malts with excellent diastic power, the noblest of hops and the freshest water that mother Earth can provide. All these ingredients are balanced perfectly to achieve a crisp hop character under ridden by accents of malt.

For those that want to know more and can not make it down to knock on the brewery window, our brewer uses the Noble Hops Tettnanger and Hallertau in this masterful creation, added early and late in the boil. Alcohol by volume is 5%. Enjoy Duckstein Pils all year round.