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Bavarian Beer Week


It was on April 23, 1516 that the Bavarian co-rulers Duke Wilhelm IV and Duke Ludwig X proclaimed the weighty and consequential Bavarian Beer Purity Law. This law has become so famous around the world that it is now often known just by its German name of 'Reinheitsgebot'. This law stated that only barley malt, hops, water  (and later yeast) could be used to make beer. Before this law, it was not uncommon for brewers to use sugars, herbs, legumes and flavourings to mask off-flavours in the beer and save money on raw ingredients. The Duckstein Brewery brews in accordance with this law.
Bavarian Beer Week coincides with the release of two new beers at the Duckstein Brewery; Duckstein Maibock and Duckstein Leicht.

The Maibock is our second seasonal beer.  Its a Bavarian Lager, amber, copper red hues, a big malt bill has given rise to a caramel maltiness with excellent depth in mouthfeel and a bitterness to match the alcohol sweetness- A nice strong 6.4% A/V Represented by the German symbol of strength, the goat, this beer packs a punch.

Also the Duckstein Leicht (Weissbier) is our much anticipated mid-strength beer. The German word leicht means light, and as such these beers are light versions of Hefeweizen. Leicht Weissbier is top fermented and cloudy like Hefeweizen. The phenolic and estery aromas and flavors typical of Weissbiers are more subdued in Leichtes Weizen. Hop flavor and aroma are normally absent. The overall flavor profile is less complex than Hefeweizen due to the decreased alcohol content of 3.4%.

(ed. Perhaps one day we will have 'Australian Beer Day' to celebrate Kevin Rudd's introduction of 'Beer Excise Relief Laws'!! http://www.fairgocraftbeer.com.au/ )

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Live Music on Saturday afternoon (weather permitting)                                   Sunday 3rd Sept. Father's Day - Bookings now being taken.                        Oktoberfest Sat 14th Oct