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Framboise Released

28-11-2008 Brewer Paul Gasmier has released what has to be the prettiest looking beer (if beer was allowed to be called pretty) on the market - a Framboise. The Framboise is a wheat beer made with real raspberries (the brewers used over 100kg in this batch!!). The framboise will immediately have you salivating with its succulent pink rose petal depth, topped off with a white creamy fluffy head, a technicolour dream!  

With a beautiful up front red rose aroma, backed by the raspberry finish, you are left thinking of the Saracen warriors eating their Turkish delight when you first bring the framboise to the nose.

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August/Sept News

Live Music on Saturday afternoon (weather permitting)                                   Sunday 3rd Sept. Father's Day - Bookings now being taken.                        Oktoberfest Sat 14th Oct