What is Beer?
Beer is a beverage obtained from the (alcohol) fermentation of water, malted and unmalted cereal grains, hops and yeast.

What are the basic ingredients in Beer?
Beer is generally made from four basic ingredients, Water, Malt, Hops and Yeast. Water accounts for approx 94-96% of the weight of beer.

I drink Lagers. What are they?
Lager is the German word for Mature. That is, a lager is a beer that has been matured in cold storage for an extended length of time. Lagers are made with a special yeast that enjoys cold fermentation. Lagering (maturing/storing) gives the beer the crisp clean palate that you enjoy today. Lagers are excellent drinks for refreshing and cleansing the palate.

But what about the Carbohydrates?
Beers is made up of only 2% carbohydrates.

Are Dark Beers stronger in alcohol?
Dark beers are beers made with darker malts. The malts used and intensity of the boil effect the end colour of beer. Alcohol strength is dependent on the amount of sugars extracted from the malts.

What is Reinheitsgebot?
Reinheitsgebot belongs to the 'Purity Law of 1516' established in Germany to protect the beer drinking public by enforcing a series of laws that controlled the production of beer. The major section still used today by some breweries is the control of raw ingredients being limited to Water, Malt and Hops (Yeast was later added to this list when its identity was found by Louis Pasteur). The sections not used include the control of the price of beer to only one Pfennig per Mass.